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Shades of Gray

I’ve had many inquires the past few months on the best grays for the home. If you’re planning on repainting this year consider looking through the newest Benjamin Moore color line – COLOR STORIES, Shades of Gray. Be careful in choosing the right gray. Just a bit of brown in the formula will make it warm and inviting vs. cold and dreary. You may want to also check out Ralph Lauren, Tudric Pewter TH02 – it’s BEAUTIFUL! Jones Paint and Glass carries both lines.

The Fall 2011 Restoration Hardware Source Book came in the mail today. It feels like Christmas morning. I am in awe as I take each page in {I know I sound a bit dramatic}. The handcrafted solid reclaimed pine furniture pieces, french style chairs and monochromatic fabrics combined have created the perfect combination of old-world style + modern-day influence. There are countless ideas on new ways to furnish your home from very talented designers – not afraid to push forward new ideas and mix decorating styles to create the perfect room. The fresh linen textures and metal industrial pieces used in each room pull you in the minute turn the cover. Explore the source book online and GET INSPIRED!



I’m always on the hunt for unique inspirational pieces for my home. Each piece plays an important part when creating the perfect room. Oftentimes it’s fabric that gets my creativity going. Especially when it comes to bedrooms. If you’re building a home or simply wanting to repaint a room to make it feel fresh again, consider the fabrics and textiles of the room. Your color choice becomes much easier when you’ve chosen a place to start.

Every little girl at some point in her childhood asks for pink room. Choose the PERFECT pink by coordinating it with the bedding she chooses. The dainty green-painted scallop border pops with the white trim and French Pink (Ralph Lauren) walls.

I’m always drawn to the natural palate. Especially in the most lived-in spaces in my home. Not only will it allow you to bring in a multitude of fabrics and patterns, it calms and adds comfort to any eye.

Is there anything better than a striped wall? The simple pattern makes a bold statement, especially when it’s paired with a floral duvet in the same tones.

If fell in love with this chair the minute I saw it. I’m not sure if it was the beautiful walnut curves or the plush velvety fabric that first caught my eye on the showroom floor. I designed my entire living room after this timeless piece. The rich brown walls are so inviting right off of the entry foyer.

Why not bring the home’s exterior INSIDE? My son’s construction-themed bedding called for just that! The change in the wall texture and dimension add so much to the room ~ making the main-wall the focal point with a look thats one-of-a-kind…just like him!

We brought my oldest daughter’s room to life with an earthy garden look. The subtle coconut-colored stripes add just enough character to the satin walls.

WORK |wərk| activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result

There isn’t a better word in the english vocabulary to accurately define what the MCH Team has been doing for the past two weeks. We’ve worked day and night preparing our 2011 Parade of Homes entry in Highland. It has taken a team effort to make all of the finishing touches and prepare the home for viewing. We received five of seven JUDGES’ CHOICE AWARDS the night before the Parade opened, one of which was BEST OVERALL in our category. This is just another example of how hard work always pays off in the end! So, without further ado…


2011 Parade of Homes Paint Colors and Finishes

A Post on Paint

As many of you know, I’m passionate about paint. Oftentimes I get asked what some of my favorite colors and brands are. My preferences in color change all of the time, however, there are several colors that I’ve stuck with over the years and I am always pleased with the end result. I’ll continue to add to each list below – this is just the beginning!

Before painting any room in your home take into consideration what colors you feel the most comfortable with. If you’re not sure, look into the mirror. Those with fair-colored skin and light hair tend to feel best in a room with light colored walls, where olive skinned individuals like more bold, vivid color. This little test will give you a good place to start. Always take furniture and bedding into consideration. If I’m repainting one of my children’s rooms, I will always by the bedding first. Your paint options will be much greater than if you paint first then have to search and search for just the right fabric to match.

I would encourage you to always think outside the box. Do something different from your neighbor’s or best friend’s house. Create a style and feeling in your home that is uniquely yours. Now go on, and add some color to your life!



Balsam Bark: Kwal (has a greenish tint to it)

Water Chestnut: Devoe

Sisal: Ralph Lauren (if you’re wanting to pair it with a creamy-colored trim, consider using Fairview Dome, which is also Ralph Lauren)

Sudan Sand: Devoe

Troller: Kwal (more of a golden-brown)

Crab Apple: Ralph Lauren

Toasty Grey: Devoe (If you’re wanting a warm grey)

Toasted Almond: Devoe

Coastal Path: Benjamin Moore



Millet: Kwal

Tangier Island: Ralph Lauren (has a little more brown in it so I works well as a main wall color throughout your home)

Nankeen: Kwal

Blond: Ralph Lauren

Harvest Time: Benjamin Moore

Sweet Cream: Devoe

Monroe Bisque: Benjamin Moore


My advice when choosing a yellow: stay away from lemon-colored hues. The end result will be much too cool and you’ll have a difficult time coordinating warm-colored furniture pieces. Most success will come from choosing a cream-colored yellow. It may not even appear yellow on the small fan deck but trust me, when you have four walls reflecting off of each other and the science of paint plays into the equation, your walls will be exactly what you want. Don’t be afraid to test a few (more than three will leave you confused and overwhelmed) before you make the commitment.



Middlebury Brown: Benjamin Moore

Clinton Brown: Benjamin Moore

Coconut: Ralph Lauren (consider pairing this with a lighter shade for stripes. I prefer using 33% or 50% of the same color for a more subtle difference).

VanBuren Brown: Benjamin Moore



If you’re in the market for a spa green/blue, consider Contemplation, by Behr Paints at Home Depot. It’s perfect for a bathroom with espresso brown cabinetry and light-colored tile. You many have noticed that popular greens are beginning to change. They’re moving from the safer, sage greens to bold grassy-colored greens such as, Hillside Green, Benjamin Moore.

I am very particular about the color blue. You need to be careful in choosing something that isn’t too cool or looks too juvenile if you’re planning to use it in a guest or laundry room. The solution is to add grey to the formula. By doing so the color is subdued and becomes much more soothing. You might also like to add a little green colorant to achieve a beautiful spa-colored blue. My advice would be to work with the guy behind the counter mixing your paint! Test a few colors before making your final selection. One or two drops of grey can make all the difference! Very rarely have a chosen a blue from straight off the paint deck. By customizing it the end result will be exactly what you want. In working with paint you will soon discover that each brand (Devoe, Ralph Lauren, Benjamin Moore) has it’s strength with certain colors. In my opinion, Ralph Lauren carries the best reds, offering great variety between a brick red to something that would create perfect wine-colored walls. Benjamin Moore’s strength lies in the green families and Devoe has recently come out with a larger color line with many blues to work off from.



Maleya Red: Ralph Lauren

Hunting Coat Red: Ralph Lauren (This is a very traditional red. Begin with a tinted primer to achieve the precise, rich-colored red. Keep in mind that you may need more than two coats.)

Dessert Boot: Ralph Lauren (Brown colored red) Looks great in a masculine office with leather furniture pieces.

Kilim Red: Ralph Lauren



For more subtle pinks…

French Pink: Ralph Lauren

Princess Pink: Devoe

Posy Pink: Benjamin Moore

Want something more vibrant? Check out all of the options Ralph Lauren has to offer.



When determining what color the trim in your home should be remember to take into consideration the style of your home. If you have a more rustic-style home and have selected a lot of natural stone or travertine, your home will look best with a cream-colored trim. Oatmeal: Ralph Lauren is deliciously warm and enhances the flooring adding great warmth to your home. More modern or homes mimicking styles from a Pottery Barn Catalog, may call for pure white trims. Be careful to choose a white that doesn’t have a lot of blue in it. It will appear cold against the wall colors. You’ll be amazed at how many whites there are to choose from. First, find one you like then match it with every color in your home to make sure it coordinates well with each. You’ll love the way the white trim pops and the woodwork stands out. Keep in mind that oftentimes the best trim choice is the lightest color in the color family you’re working with – guaranteeing a coordinating color that compliments the walls.



This year it’s all about earth-tones. Browns and oranges will continue to make a comeback, replacing bold reds and sage greens. Lighter colors on the walls (soft yellows and tans) will always be safe. Take a minute and search online and through home design catalogs. What they advertise is a good indication of what’s coming in the world of color!


Hardware 101

I love choices. Can you imagine how boring life would be without the ability to choose? However, there are times when certain choices can lead to stress and confusion. Today my post pertains to a choice {although small, it’s very important} each of us have when designing or redecorating our home. The choice I’m referring to is regarding cabinet hardware. With so many different styles of cabinet hardware to choose from, it’s a wonder any of us can come to a final decision! From selecting a style, choosing a finish, to deciding on a pattern, there are so many steps in the decision-making process. However, much like the clothing or jewelry we choose to wear, it also reflects our own personality. Choosing the right decorative cabinet hardware is a great way to show your flair and individuality, and should be viewed as an integral part of the design or redecorating process. One question I hear often from Matt’s clients is if ALL hardware (including door knobs, light fixtures) in the home need to match. For example, is it okay to use chrome or satin nickel in one room and oil-rubbed bronze in the next?

My answer to this question is YES…and NO. To keep the overall look of your home consistent you should stay with the same style (modern, traditional, country). Having said that, you do not need to use the same hardware/metals in exactly the same finish throughout. My advice? Find the happy medium. Remember, your home is uniquely yours. Put careful thought into each room, creating spaces that are individual, but keep to the overall theme and cohesion of the home. When faced with a choice, ask yourself, “Does this finish blend and enhance the style of my home?” I always encourage our clients to think outside the box. If you’re feeling uncomfortable with all of the decisions, start by only choosing different hardware styles and light fixtures in the kitchen and master suite. For example, in my kitchen I have four different cabinet knob styles, three of which are bronze and the other is a neutral black. In my master bath the hardware is much more elegant than the hardware in my son’s bathroom. I always try to match the light fixture with the cabinet hardware, unless my plumbing fixtures look best with another finish. When you are mixing it up, always try and have at least two metals match in each room. Maybe your light and sink fixture look best in black, but your cabinet calls for a satin nickel finish to pop off of the dark brown finish. Go for it! This is when building a custom home is enjoyable ~ do what YOU want to make each room appealing and comfortable to be in. In the end it will all come together with the help of paint, granite countertops and floor coverings. Now go and have FUN with each and every choice that lies ahead!

Click to ENTER my favorite hardware company.

Orange you glad?

Everyday I am inspired by color. Like I’ve said before, it’s paint that runs through my veins. Anything from a vintage chair and pillow to an wind-sculpted sandstone arch in Eastern Utah gets my design-destined mind going. Last month I spent many hours traveling in my car, surrounded by the beauties of nature and COLOR. Orange, patches of green and a brilliant sky blue stretched for miles and miles. This trip has inspired me to write about my new favorite and up-and-coming color…ORANGE. Believe it or not, it’s making its way back from the seventies! We all began by bringing soft blues inside. It was a safe and easy transition. But now it’s time to step it up a notch by bringing bolder, more exciting colors into our lives! Let’s begin by basking an accent wall or two with a burnt orange. Orange is perfect when paired with red and yellows (which most of us already have). Add a little more character with a melo green either in the decor or additional paint. Let’s celebrate the beauty of our surroundings and bring the scenic state of Utah indoors. The vibrant colors will ENERGIZE you while adding lively charm and character to your home. After all, don’t you like being a little different from everyone else? I do.