Everyday I am inspired by color. Like I’ve said before, it’s paint that runs through my veins. Anything from a vintage chair and pillow to an wind-sculpted sandstone arch in Eastern Utah gets my design-destined mind going. Last month I spent many hours traveling in my car, surrounded by the beauties of nature and COLOR. Orange, patches of green and a brilliant sky blue stretched for miles and miles. This trip has inspired me to write about my new favorite and up-and-coming color…ORANGE. Believe it or not, it’s making its way back from the seventies! We all began by bringing soft blues inside. It was a safe and easy transition. But now it’s time to step it up a notch by bringing bolder, more exciting colors into our lives! Let’s begin by basking an accent wall or two with a burnt orange. Orange is perfect when paired with red and yellows (which most of us already have). Add a little more character with a melo green either in the decor or additional paint. Let’s celebrate the beauty of our surroundings and bring the scenic state of Utah indoors. The vibrant colors will ENERGIZE you while adding lively charm and character to your home. After all, don’t you like being a little different from everyone else? I do.